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Remedy Perception IS?

Is it true, People are quick to do one of two things when it comes to natural remedies call it a sham and criticize its capabilities or quick to use it without clear instruction and or any understanding of the ingredients in it?

Is it also true the allegation that a majority of people do not care what is in a natural remedy or a pharmaceutical medication long as it works for whatever their need is?

If these statements of how people perceive medicinal health are true? Who should be addressed and held accountable for the habitual negligence taught to people about their personal medicinal health? Has an act of negligence even taken place?

If these statements of how people perceive medicinal health are not true? Who in rebuttal to the accusations is speaking loud enough to be listened to? Without verbally voicing opinions in public, are people teaching a different perception of personal medicinal health in their families & inner circles?

Depending on whom you come across when these questions are asked, the yes’s & no’s given will vary greatly. This is why a re-enlightenment to medicine and balance by the presence of natural & pharmaceutical knowledge is so important to a personal holistic self-image. Medicine is meant to assist a body in preventing illness, reduce the severity of symptoms that may arise from illness, sooth symptoms caused by an illness, and help the body halt the symptoms and or the illness. Medicine does not make a body invulnerable no matter how much we wish it.

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