Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does ASHEmporium stand for?


August Sisters Homespun Emporium

  • What does your company do?


We develop, manufacture & distribute natural products formulated with certified organic ingredients. In a non-complicated way, we address general problems with Mother Nature solutions. By reeducating the public on the basic knowledge and benefits of using organic ingredients for natural remedies & holistic alternatives. For their personal holistic health, beauty & wellness needs.


  • Is your company Retail or Wholesale?


We are both. Our Retail products & quantities are displayed on the Holistic Shop page of our website. Professional-sizes along with Wholesale products & quantities will be displayed on the Holistic Wholesale page.


  • Does everyone have access to the Holistic Wholesale page?


No, that page is only viewable by business professionals and businesses that have applied & been approved for ASHEmporium Wholesale Membership.


  • What services do you offer to businesses?


In conjunction with offering wholesale ASHEmporium products. We offer customized tea blends, product concept advisory & development of natural health, beauty & wellness products.

  • Does your company have a Give Back Program?

Yes, apparel sales fund our ongoing Fundraising Campaign in support of “Community Diagnostic Alliance”, and organizations on our Charity List.

ASHEmporium LLC sharing the knowledge of Natural Healing with Love for the Mind, Body & Spirit!

Killeen, TX


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