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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASHEmporium stand for?


August Sisters Homespun Emporium


What does your company do?


We Service Industries with Certified Organic Sourced - Pure Undiluted Natural products for a Natural approach to Holistic Health, Beauty & Wellness. While reeducating the public about addressing general problems with Mother Nature solutions.


Is your company a Retail or Wholesale business?


Both! We serve as a resource & service to industries as well as a product provider to general consumers.


How is your company involved in the Community?


We contribute to youth advancement in entrepreneurship education through the I.C.C.H.O.P.E. Investment Group & we are a I.C.C. Black Wall Street Project Investor. Also, in collaboration with Community Diagnostic Alliance {CDAlliance} of Killeen Texas we support community projects along with other organizations on our Charity List.

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