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Hello There

It is with great esteem we introduce you to our Gardener, Yvonne Tijerina our Founder and Managing Member.

About Her

Yvonne Tijerina from childhood was always drawn to the knowledge of healing through nature. Naturally gifted in understanding herbs & applying their therapeutic uses and actions and life lessons in a holistic approach to health, beauty & wellness. Cultivating an adult with a rich desire for herbal healing knowledge; and a willingness to share Natural Healing with Love for the Mind, Body & Spirit with others.

The pursuit of this is carried out as the founder & managing member of August Sisters Homespun Emporium LLC. An enterprise dedicated to the manufacturing & distribution of high-quality pure undiluted natural products. Serving Industries with products for a natural approach to holistic health, beauty & wellness. While in a non-complicated way, reeducate the public on the basic knowledge and benefits of natural remedies & holistic alternatives. From exclusive handcrafted medicinal tea blends, consultations, holistic: lifestyle blog topics and skill courses to Giveback programs. Embracing the call to aid others in fulfilling their journey of natural healing & identifying their individual holistic self-image is a purpose she is willing an honored to associate herself with.

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