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Crocheting for Fun & Health

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Welcome to My Blanket Tea & Me Blog Crocheting Community

Here we crochet & talk about everything but not limited to all things in regards to Crocheting. For the Fun of it and for the Health benefits as well.

YES, there are Health benefits associated with Crocheting!

We're excited to not only launch this blog category, but we also now offer a 6-week Beginners crocheting course. This course is taught by the creative Grandma's hands of Meditation Creations, our Medea & OG Ms. El.

Crocheting is a skill & hobby that everyone can enjoy! We're look forward to sharing the knowledge of Natural Healing with Love for the Mind, Body & Spirit through Crocheting with all of you.

For further details & to Sign-up.

Visit Our Crochet Course page!

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