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What is DM Cream?

A body butter consisting of Shea Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Healing/Carrier oils & Essential oils specifically chosen to combat and help heal dehydrated itchy skin conditions. These elements penetrate and absorb quickly into the skin; aiding in restoring the skins protective barrier and fights against moisture loss. It is full of antioxidants, aids in reducing inflammation that can lead to swelling & helps calm itching. Is also antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and an antiseptic. Together these natural healing elements help heal, protect, and transform the skin into softer smoother and better-looking skin.


What does DM mean?

The DM stands for Dermatitis (Eczema).


What is Dermatitis?

“Dermatitis is a general term that describes an inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis can have many causes and occurs in many forms. It usually involves an itchy rash on swollen, reddened skin. Skin affected by dermatitis may blister, ooze, develop a crust or flake off. Examples of dermatitis include atopic dermatitis (eczema), dandruff and rashes caused by contact with any of a number of substances, such as poison ivy, soaps and jewelry with nickel in it”. (Mayo Clinic, 2019)


What is Eczema?


1. any superficial inflammatory process involving primarily the epidermis, marked early by redness, itching, minute papules and vesicles, weeping, oozing, and crusting, and later by scaling, lichenification, and often pigmentation.

2. atopic dermatitis.

(Medial-Dictionary , 2019)


DM Cream Uses:

DM Cream is a topical cream with a suggested use for children no younger than 3 years of age to adult, on the face down to the feet. It aids in combating and to help heal dehydrated itchy skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, or extremely dry patchy or scaly skin.

Remedial Cream - DM Cream

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  • Apply the cream thinly and evenly to the affected area(s). Gently massage the cream into the skin until it has disappeared. Wash your hands after applying the cream, unless the hands are the affected area. Apply as needed; cream is most effective when used directly after washing the affected area(s) of skin well and rinse away all traces of soap or cleanser.

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