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Drinking Tea for Flavor or Health?

Beyond the pleasant flavors and comfort associated with a fresh cup of tea. Somehow the principles that go with the brewing of the wide varieties of tea and the benefits of those varieties have been misplaced.

When presented with the question of do you drink tea? As you may have assumed many say they do not without a sound alibi to why not. Some even fault the exploited culprit caffeine.

Through sensible research it is found that Herbal teas are generally caffeine-free. Though many of the benefits of the mainstream flavors overlap. There is a wide variety of distinct tea benefits from single to multi herb teas.

With a flavor range that can be as simple or as complex as you like, from sweet to bitter and back again. The benefits Tea’s hold for helping our bodily functions can be enjoyed hot or cold, and when brewed the right way. Yes, there is a wrong and right way. They can sway a non-tea drinker into at least becoming a social tea drinker.

Question: What type of tea adventure are you looking for; one of flavor or of health? Why?

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