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Crocheting & Wellness with Mama El!

Let's talk a little about how Crocheting can help with our Wellness.

First being a senior myself, I had to come to the understanding that a lot of things can affect my wellness. Meaning to achieve wellness I need a state of good balanced health of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

We all must learn too listen to the signals our bodies are sending that affect our mind & spirit. An No Matter how you put it; our health affects our Spirit. So let me take a moment to point out a few things.

First I want to say I love knowing that my creations are being enjoyed and help keep people warm. However, crocheting also helps with things like Mental Therapy for Postpartum depression, reduces stress, anxiety and helps with insomnia. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer's by 30-50% and builds your Self-esteem.

Crocheting for me has been a form of mental therapy; for reducing my anxiety, stress, and depression levels. Second, the repetitive movement has been effective in helping with fine motor skills in my hands. Last but not least, it helped me to rebuild my self esteem & be relaxed. When I crochet my mind, body and spirit are building strength.

Just think for a moment,

What is your wellness program to keep your mind body and spirit strong?

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