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Facing this pandemic has caused many to seek more self-sufficient ways to either ratify, revamp, or create self-care regimens.

An in this jolt transformation of the masses into an unconventional norm. Thoughts on what & knowledge on how natural remedies correlate with modern solutions. Are being sought-after now with even more urgency than before.

An due to precautions and dare we say fears that have fueled the masses into stock piling so; that the savviest of shoppers are even coming up empty handed.

So, what about other minor issues that were once an easy fix with just a quick trip to the store? That due to social distancing precautions & supply shortages have the masses searching for back to the Root of Roots alternatives.

So, besides the prevalent question being asked – What respiratory treatments & remedies whether modern or old school natural are effective to use?

We are asking:

  • What part of your self-care regimen are you have difficulties with?

  • What minor ailments have you searching for natural solutions?

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