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Nationwide & International Shipping

We offer shipping to all 50 
States & multiple countries. Rates vary depending on package weight & size.

Private & Business Consultations

We are based in Central Texas in the City of Killeen. For the convenience of our customers & clients. We offer in person & video conference call consultations.


The August Sisters Homespun Emporium Story

Ms. El's Culture Box to ASHEmporium

Our journey began bonded in Sisterhood through the vows of friendship by two friends, both born in August. They took their love for their crafts and engaged the public with compassion through the hobby-based business; Ms. El’s Culture Box.


Dissolved through life transitions, the core believes that you must love God, yourself mind, body & spirit and forgetting not to pour out benevolence, knowledge, and wisdom to all around you. Still holds true as the Sisterhood has evolved from a bond of friendship. To a deeper bonding of a family’s memoir of natural remedies and interest in organic products. That evolution is August Sisters Homespun Emporium LLC.


A family enterprise dedicated to the manufacturing & distribution of high-quality pure ingredients for natural remedies and holistic alternatives. With an oath to support the public in making an informed decision for themselves.


In a non-complicated way, we reeducate the public on the basic knowledge and benefits of natural remedies & holistic alternatives. For their personal holistic health, beauty & wellness needs. By focusing on the most common problems people search natural solutions for. We address general problems with Mother Nature solutions.

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Health - Beauty - Wellness

No gimmicks or chemicals just Nature's Healing Love!

- ASHEmporium -

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