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Snake Repellent

This Summer & into Autumn people are and will be spending more time hanging out in their own yards. Raising the probability of encounters between scared human beings and scared defensive snakes.

*What is your anti-snake prevention plan?

The Natural Approach

When you search “Natural Snake Repellent(s)”; the top items listed that you see are – Napthalene, Sulfur, Clove & Cinnamon oil, Garlic & Onions, Ammonia, Vinegar, and Lime. Not necessarily in that order but most of the time in about that same order.

*Does this order represent their potency level(s)?

*Are they all safe to use around children & non-snake pets?

The Non-(All) Natural Approach

Just search “Snake Repellent” and you get a diverse listing of granules, sprays, and powders. Surprisingly, you will also find solar powered deterrent yard stakes in this same search. Though the deterrent stakes are more of a natural approach. Just an opinion.

With all those questions and more. The best tactic in answering them is to as professionals. Not the pest control services. Those professionals whose wisdom has stood the test of time. The experienced farmers, gardeners & harvesters. Our family members & family friends that have been sharing knowledge orally & through hands on training. Since before humankind decide to settle in one place & knew what a homestead was.

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