What's in your Fall Garden?

The second half of September is upon us. For those of us who live in Texas. The experienced gardeners already have their beets, garden peas, carrots, turnips, chard, spinach, collards & leaf lettuce ready to be transplanted into the grown. Us not so experienced Texas gardeners. Are still trying to figure out what to plant. Newbies it is ok, we will get the hang of it. Anything worth eating is worth the trial & error. Last year was my 1st time planting since being in Texas. I kept a good watering schedule. An was able to keep the Squirrels, Rabbits and Moles out. For the most part, LOL.

I did have a Cantaloupe plant that I thought was going to die but it perked up & ran all over the place. I quickly learned to build it its own fence to clime all over. An to listen to my dog when he is hell bent on getting out the back door. If I had paid attention, the Squirrel would not have gotten to eat the 1st cantaloupe. It was so sweet you could just smell it in the air.

This year I felt "The Force" strongly in my green thumbs. I had 1 Citronella & a Aloe Vera survive the Winter. So, this year I planted Strawberries, Cantaloupes, and since I had such good luck with a tomato plant last year. This year I have 7. And! I decided to plant my own herbs - Sweet Basil, Spearmint, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Garden Sage, Lemon Thyme, Lavender, Greek Oregano, Rosemary & another Citronella. I know! I was a bit excited & too cocky. Strawberries & Cantaloupes did not survive. I do not know how but just going to say negligence on my part somehow because I am not going to blame my Mother. Who by the way went willingly and encouraged me to embrace "The Force". Her Sweet potatoes, Banana Peppers, Kale & Green Pepper are doing well. I literally, cannot wait to harvest those Sweet potatoes & make pies.

So, what is in your garden? Are you a newbie or experienced gardener? What has your 2020 gardening experience been like?

Pictures are evidence, exhibit A & B of the Cantaloupe Caper, LOL.

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